Parents' Page

This page is for new and prospective parents and existing parents who want to update their details

Add or change an existing booking

If your child is registered with us and you want to request a change of booking, or create a new booking, click the link below to complete a form. Once we have received your request we will confirm availability within 2 working days:

Registration Form

Have we confirmed your place? All children need to complete a registration form by clicking the link below. If you are already with us and something changes - like moving house or changing contact details, you'll also need to complete a new registration form.

Free places for 3 & 4 year olds

The government funds 15 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year for all families, and 30 hours per week for working families. For the 30 hours, parents have to earn between £120 per week and £100,000 per year to qualify and the funding starts on the term following their child's 3rd birthday. Click the link below to check availability and apply:

Are you eligible? Complete this form

If you are eligible for either 30 or 15 hours, please complete this form from Cheshire East Council and bring it in to us:

Getting to know your child

So we've confirmed your place, that's great! We want to work with you to make sure your child settles in to our nursery and one of the best ways is to understand how they behave at home.

2 year old funding

The government funds a limited number of places for 2 year olds. The criteria are quite strict, but it may be worth clicking the link to see if you qualify:

Complaints and compliments

We are very keen to hear all views about our business - good or bad. Whether you are parent of a child in our care or have just been to visit us, you might be a supplier or a neighbour or work for us. All comments and complaints will be investigated by a Director and you will get feedback via the contact details you have provided.