Teacher Led / High Quality Education - So What?

Firstly, research shows that having a qualified teacher in a pre school setting has the greatest impact social development and pre reading (DCSF 2008)

In terms of high quality education, formal learning is OUT and make way for play, exploration and discovery! All the research suggests that the introduction of formal learning too soon is damaging to children's progress and achievement.

Teacher Led Pre-School Stapeley


High quality education is not about filling minds with knowledge but about the discovery of individual talents and strengths and the "lighting of children's fires" to enable really great learning.

In a major study of reading and literacy in 2006, where 15 countries scored higher than England, children from 14 of these countries did not enter school until they were six or seven. More children read for pleasure in most of these countries than do so in England." (Hofkins and Northen, 2009)

Teacher Led Pre-School Stapeley
Red Wellies Childrens Centre Stapeley