With an experienced and vibrant staff, a beautiful building set in extensive grounds and a menu designed with the Early Years Nutrition Partnership, Red Wellies is continually expanding and growing.


Our cosy baby room with its own outdoor area allow the babies to play safely outside, unless Katy, Meg and Leanne are taking them on walks around the local area. We have a separate sleep room and we try and make it a "home from home". Our babies are frequent visitors at Rhyme-Time at Nantwich Library!

Clare, Chrissie, Aryan, Louise and Tricia work with the Toddlers and "Tweenies", where the focus is learning through fun, games and plenty of play. The focus on the outdoors enables children to problem solve, socialise, challenge their bodies and let their imaginations run wild!

Jo is a fully qualified school-teacher who lead the curriculum and ensure your child is ready for school when the time comes! Heather has lots of experience as an Early Years teacher and helps Jo deliver a great "school ready" curriculum. They have lots of help from Jess and Leah who are both loved by the children. Our Pre-School children are just amazing and we can't keep up with their learning!

Daily Webdiary

​Ever wondered what your child gets up to at nursery? Then look no further!  Your child will have their very own secure web page profile, and whenever it is updated with a photo, comment or audio file, you will be alerted by email. Or of course, log in at anytime!

Nature Nursery

We believe in being outdoors as much as possible and make sure your child is dressed in our special outdoor suits for outdoor play- whatever the weather!

Teacher Led

So what's the big deal about being a qualified teacher and what is high quality education anyway? If you feel your child is too young for "education" and prefer to use the word "play", then read on!


The nursery is located in the grounds of Foolpenny Hall, the building is perfect for little people to be looked after - it's secure and safe with beautiful grounds and a large car park.

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